Project Description

At Equipoise, our mission is to recognize and reduce our Client’s exposure to environmental liability while minimizing the impact to their core business.  Equipoise’s professionals work closely with law firms and legal teams to provide expert-level technical consultation to support realized or potential legal action.  We possess a strong working knowledge of local, State, Federal, and international regulations and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation with regulatory agencies.

  • Management and Technical Support to Multi-Party Mitigation and Arbitration
  • Discovery Document Review, Analysis and Cataloging
  • Technical Position Development, Interpretation and Opinion
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Third Party Review

Superfund Site, San Gabriel Valley, California

Problem: As a result of decades of hazardous chemicals used by multiple firms, groundwater in the underlying regional beneficial use aquifers was adversely impacted such that local water authorities have had to shut down production wells and seek alternative water supplies.  This led the USEPA to define an operable unit that included a large area with upwards of 100 industrial properties.

Strategy: Equipoise conducted technical research and documentation to support regional groundwater flow modeling, chemical fate and transport modeling, and cost allocation for an estimated 100 million dollar groundwater cleanup remedy.  Equipoise prepared site summaries for over 50 properties and supported the legal team in multiple large group discussions, mitigation, and arbitration.

Result: The technical information compiled and presented by Equipoise allowed the legal team to operate from a position of strength during legal proceedings.

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