Project Description

Equipoise combines a true understanding of our Clients’ business needs with an in-depth assessment of remediation technology limitations, agency requirements, and cost controls to identify the best remediation strategy for each individual project. Sometimes, the most effective strategy for addressing environmental contamination and potential Client liability is an ex-situ remediation technique.

With our broad construction management experience, we can quickly and cost-effectively achieve project objectives by recommending and implementing the most appropriate technical approach.

  • Soil Stabilization and Solidification
  • Bio-Piles
  • Dredging and Surgical Removals
  • Treatability Studies
  • Soil Washing / Treatment
  • Groundwater Cleaning / Treatment
  • Wastewater Management and Disposal
  • Source Area Removal

Source Area Removal, Newbury Park, California

Problem: Elevated concentrations of chlorinated solvents remained in groundwater after several in-situ chemical oxidation injection events and rebound concentrations indicated the presence of a significant residual source in overlying soils.

Strategy: Implement a surgical source removal approach utilizing a large diameter auger to remove a defined “hot spot” at the soil/groundwater interface approximately 60 feet below ground surface.

Result: Approximately 80 large diameter auger boreholes were installed using environmental pattern drilling. The driving concentrations of the “hot spot” were exposed to be limited to a 10 foot by 20 foot impacted zone of deep soils. Removal of the source area resulted in a reduction of the chlorinated solvent concentrations in groundwater by more than four orders of magnitude.

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