Project Description

Equipoise has established a strong reputation with various local, state and federal agencies of providing thorough, straightforward assessments and robust scientific remedial solutions. It is this reputation that forms the platform for effective agency negotiation that can save our Clients significant project resources during investigation and remedial activities.

At Equipoise, we approach every regulatory interaction and negotiation with the understanding that the final solution must balance the following:

  • Accelerate our Clients’ projects towards regulatory closure;
  • Minimize impact to our Clients’ core business;
  • Assure compliance with all applicable regulations;
  • Eliminate un-necessary project spending;
  • Reduce or eliminate environmental risk and liability; and
  • Maintain our Clients’ reputation as a good corporate citizen and steward for human health and the environment.

Former Aerospace Facility

Problem: Through acquisition, the Client became liable for the release of solvents associated with a former facility. Solvents reached ground water, had migrated ¾-mile down gradient of the site through a residential area and was threatening a recreational surface water body. A regional ground water ordinance was established to prevent direct use of ground water; however, the lead regulatory agency was concerned about the surface water body, and off-gassing and subsequent vapor intrusion exposures.

Strategy: Direct coordination with agency staff and experts was initiated to implement a hydraulic control remedy to protect the surface water body and to identify an alternative means of capitalizing on the identified unique regional-specific conditions that would preclude significant off-gassing and vapor intrusion concerns. Agreement on how data would be collected, reviewed, and used in the decision process was required by all parties prior to Client project authorization.

Result: Agreed upon strategy indicated limited to insignificant off-gassing and the site is currently in the final closure documentation process.

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