Project Description

Many of Equipoise’s Clients have a portfolio of remediation sites that are, at any time, in various stages of investigation, remediation or closure. The coordination of efforts between projects to ensure programmatic consistency is often resource intensive and demands close attention to detail. Often these demands exceed readily available resources or in-house expertise. Working closely with our Clients, Equipoise integrates key personnel into the existing program management structure to supplement in-house expertise and manpower. In this role, Equipoise personnel are often tasked with serving as the first line of review for contractor work products, strategic plans, and agency interactions/negotiations. Efforts are made to ensure all project related activities are consistent with programmatic goals and long-term liability objectives established by the Client. To establish compliance, a detailed review may include some or all of the following:

  • Compliance Reports (monitoring requirement, etc.)
  • Operations Manuals, Plans and Procedures
  • Regulatory Correspondence
  • Remedial Processes and Operations (proposed and past)
  • Review of Past Environmental Performance
  • Technology Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Sampling Plans, Field Reports, and Analytical Reports

Internal Program Management, U.S.A.

Problem: The Client required technical expertise to manage a large portfolio of litigation-driven projects, but was unable to hire in-house technical resources outside of core business.

Strategy: Designed and provided the Client with long-term external project management solutions, including on-call technical experts and consultants.

Result: The ongoing technical collaboration has resulted in significant project savings, schedule reductions, and maximized the Client’s internal management resources.

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