Project Description

The work that our professionals have performed at various sites includes plans, specification, bid packages, construction quality assurance, health and safety consideration, pre-design treatability studies, survey and mapping services, work plans, permitting, and ancillary support functions. Equipoise’s system design work has been applied to a range of sites from open field settings to active, densely developed industrial facilities. In all cases, the focus of our efforts has been upon development of a practical, cost-effective, and maintenance-conscious design that meets our Clients’ needs.

Equipoise’s solutions are pragmatic, technically innovative and geared to limit a Client’s potential liability while respecting the realities of schedule and budget.

  • Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Networks
  • Groundwater Extraction and Treatment Systems
  • Natural Attenuation Monitoring Systems
  • Capping Design
  • Reactive Zone Design and Installation
  • Sheet Pile / Slurry Wall

Marine Terminal, California

Problem: The integrity of the existing sea wall at a marine terminal was questionable and required enhancement to ensure that impacted groundwater underneath the facility did not adversely impact seawater quality of the marine environment.

Strategy: Working closely with multiple Federal and State agencies, a barrier of plastic sheet pile and permeation grout was designed. The barrier was enhanced by a system of hydraulic control wells.

Result: The installed combination barrier of plastic sheet pile and permeation grout successfully mitigated contaminant migration to seawater and was supplemented with recovery wells installed behind the barrier to maximize the hydraulic control of the local groundwater.

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