Case Studies

Having the theoretical knowledge of how to address a complex environmental problem is valuable; having hands-on experience in successfully addressing the same or similar problem is invaluable. At Equipoise, we not only provide our Clients with the benefits of a strong technical knowledge base, but enhance that knowledge base with real world experience in designing solutions to challenging environmental problems.

Equipoise has implemented detailed investigation and remediation strategies for various private and public sectors, including aerospace, refineries, terminals, oil fields, chemical, electronics, and government agencies.

Each of the following service categories is discussed below in greater detail along with a sample project highlighting Equipoise’s range of services:

  • Regulatory Agency Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning, Remediation merged with Site Redevelopment
  • Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
  • Remedial System Design / Installation
  • System Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring
  • In‐Situ Remediation
  • Ex‐Situ Remediation, Source Area Removal
  • Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Program Management, Outsourced Program Management