Equipoise achieves no further action finding and closure of the former Pacific Treatment site, a former hazardous waste storage and treatment facility, located at 2190 Main Street, San Diego, California.

In May 1986, an unauthorized release case was opened  when a tar-like product was observed in the excavation during the removal of four underground storage tanks that reportedly stored diesel. Soil sampling conducted after the tank removal showed low concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Groundwater monitoring was conducted from June 1996 until June 25, 2015.  Free product removal methods previously conducted at the site by prior consultants, which included: purging with a bailer, purging with a vacuum truck, absorbent socks, passive and active skimmers, and dual phase vapor extraction, were ineffective.

In 2014, Equipoise successfully implemented a full-scale bioslurping remediation plan—a method which combines vacuum assisted product removal with soil vapor extraction to simultaneously remove product and remediate soil vapor—using the existing monitoring well network resulting in the closure of the site.  For more information follow the link below.