The State Water Board proposes to amend California Code of Regulations, title 23, division 3, chapter 16 (commencing with section 2610) (California UST Regulations) to make the California UST Regulations at least as stringent as part 280 of 40 Code of Federal Regulations (Federal UST Regulations). These proposed amendments are administrative and technical in nature and impose new design and construction, monitoring, notification, testing, inspecting, recordkeeping, training, and reporting requirements. The proposed amendments also include more stringent requirements which are necessary to implement chapter 6.7 of division 20 of the Health and Safety Code and modifies certain existing California UST Regulations to be consistent with the Federal UST Regulations.

The 45-day public comment period for the proposed Title 23 regulations ended on January 2, 2018. State Water Board staff is currently reviewing the comments received and preparing responses for the rulemaking record. Based on the comments received and necessary revisions to the proposed regulations or the Initial Statement of Reasons, an additional comment period (either 15-day or 45-day) may be necessary. The proposed rulemaking package is available at:

Unified Program Newsletter – January 2018